Post-Season Affairs – Part 2

7th May 1968

The guys were in training today in preparation for the match against Queen of the South on the morrow. Although I was not involved myself, I found this out by dropping into the park. My new practice was in Shettleston, not too far to the east of the stadium and I could not resist the urge to drop in at lunchtime.

I managed to have a word with the Boss, who said he would have no objection to me coming in for the occasional training session but playing was out. And he did express some sympathy that I would be missing the tour to North America – “but having you right for next season is the most important thing, Cairney, OK”. You could not argue with that!

There was a report in one of the evening papers that the deals for Neil Martin and Ernie Hannigan to play for Queen of the South in the testimonial had fallen through but the Palmerston Park officials were hopeful that other players could be brought in.


8th May

From what I heard later, the Celtic party travelled down to Dumfries midway through the afternoon and had the pre-match meal on route. The testimonial match was being played for Jimmy McKinnell, who had been secretary and manager at the club since 1946, resigning as manager in 1961 and secretary in 1968.


The Teams

Queen of the South

West (Partick Thistle), Barker
Goodwin (Airdrie), Kerr, Anderson (Clyde)
McLean (Kilmarnock), Hood (Clyde), McIlmoyle (Carlisle), Law, Mitchell.


Gemmell, O’Neill
Murdoch, McNeill, Brogan
Johnstone, Gallagher, McBride, Lennox, Hughes.

The attendance for the match was 8,000 and as expected, Celtic were in control for most of the play, getting goals from Charlie Gallagher (4), an O.G. by Kerr (10), Lemon (12), Yogi (44) and Wispy (76). The Doonhamers got two themselves and in the course of the match, both teams made substitutions, John Clark coming on for Charlie and Wispy replacing Joe McBride for Celtic; and for Queen of the South, a weel-kent face to the Celtic guys came on as their sub. Mick Jackson had been at Parkhead from 1957 to 1963, scoring 30 goals in his 74 appearances.


Final Score  Queen of the South  2  Celtic  5