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Welcome to my Football 50 website. The football part is fairly obvious, but 50 because I will be telling the story from my own personal diary, 50 years on ….

Initially the project will cover the next two years, a look back fifty years later to two consecutive seasons in Celtic’s history – 1965/66 and 1966/67 – which culminated in the club winning the biggest prize in European football.

But none of that stuff existed in a vacuum either. Other very formidable teams and talented footballers will garnish our story, and of course history in the 60s was being made every day all over the country – not just at Celtic Park or on football fields.

The 1960s was a wonderful decade, in many ways the crucial one whose influence led us to where we are now.  It was certainly the most important time of my life in terms of the professional and personal. Those of you who were not around to see it unfold will I hope get a sense of how our sport, our country, our politics and our culture were changed forever in that short space of time. It is certainly my intention to help you do just that.

How to view the site

  • The potted history of Celtic up to 1965 is in the ‘Pre-Lisbon’ section. Click on the Pre-Lisbon menu item for a chronological list of events, starting with the latest one
  • The main diary is in the ’50 Years on’ section. Click on the 50 Years On menu for a chronological list of events in my diary, starting with the latest one
  • I have attached some random memories and recollections as well as Celtic Curiosities in the Random Memories page, which is sponsored by my good friends at the Jim Craig CSC in Belfast.


I also hope to produce the first of several companion podcasts to assist with the telling of the story. As we go along, I will ask some friends to add their own slant to the tale.

Hope you enjoy the journey – but it is your journey as well as mine. Please feel free to add your own reminiscences and thoughts as we go along.

Jim Craig