7th November 1966: Celtic v Partick Thistle Glasgow Cup Final – Part One

Morning of Match


The morning papers were able to give good news to Celtic fans;-


McNeill Fit for Final


There was also a comment from Jock Stein:

“I won’t name a team till just before the kick-off”.


There were other stories to catch the eye;-

Future Celt Willie Wallace, who had been ordered off when playing for Hearts against Clyde earlier in the season, was suspended for 14 days.

It was reported that Jock Stein will fly to Nice next week to see the local team host Celtic’s European Cup opponents Nantes.

And then there was the big puzzle from the weekend –

Murdoch Mystery – Only Ref Can Clear It Up

‘The loss of a point to St Mirren was a blow to Celtic in their championship hopes but they were more worried about the ordering-off of right-half Bobby Murdoch seven minutes from time.

Just why Murdoch was sent off, no one can say. He certainly didn’t foul an opponent.

One can only surmise that Murdoch was speaking out of turn…..but if he did that, an ordering-off seems a harsh sentence’.


The latest First Division Scoring Charts came out on this day ;


26……..McBride (Celtic)

12……..Mitchell (Dundee Utd), Marshall and Fyffe (Airdrie)

11……..McLean (Rangers), Lennox (Celtic)

10……..Scott (Hibs), Smith and Winchester (Aberdeen ), Chalmers (Celtic), Penman (Dundee)


Personal Trouble

This was a difficult time for me. I had been playing well over the last few weeks, now that I was able to get back into full training, but I was still very much on the periphery of the team and, of course, the fact that they were winning most games meant that the Boss was sticking to the same side every week, especially in defence.

It was frustrating to go along to a match like the Glasgow Cup Final and, in my case, keep a close eye on the two fullbacks, hoping that the team would win but that one or both of them might not have such a good game? Not perhaps a nice thought but I can assure you, it is one felt by every single professional footballer when they are not in the first team and think that they should be.


Wearing a wild mink sports coat and matching mink tammy, Marlene Dietrich arrived at Glasgow Airport today and said “I’m not so terribly old”.

But the ageless Miss Dietrich wouldn’t state her age. “I can tell you, however” she said “that I am always the last one out of passport control as they all want to see my passport!”


Fast Trip

The big rail news today – as Queen Street takes over from Buchanan Street Station – is the possibility of 100 mph gas-turbine-powered expresses on the Glasgow/Edinburgh route in about 2 years time.

Inter-City expresses currently run on a 55-minute schedule between Glasgow and Edinburgh, with 2 stops. Trains capable of 100mph would cut this to one half-hour.



A mother found her four sons, aged between 7 and 16, dead in their bunk beds at Hemel Hempstead.

South Hertfordshire detectives were called in and found themselves with a dilemma. There was no apparent cause of death and immediate post-mortems were ordered.