31st August 1966: Clyde v Celtic League Cup – Part One


29th August

Two days after Celtic had beaten Hearts and Rangers had lost 2-3 to Hibs, this announcement – or perhaps proclamation would be a better word – appeared in the Scottish press ;-


‘Training methods at Ibrox Stadium are to be completely overhauled and certain players may now have to work both morning and afternoon to stand up to the full 90 minutes of every match and still be full of energy’


This promise to the thousands of disappointed Rangers fans was given by Mr John Lawrence, Chairman of the club, in one of the most outspoken interviews he has given since he took over the role.


30th August

Both yesterday and today, the players went through the usual training routines at Barrowfield, finishing with a game of two-touch involving the whole squad. All through my life since then, people have asked me what it was like to play against Jimmy Johnstone and the honest answer was that I did not know. The whole idea behind two-touch football is that everyone gets involved and there is a lot of passing. The one thing you don’t get is someone dribbling with the ball. So, when I was playing with Jimmy, placed in one of the best viewing areas in the stadium – right behind him – I could see that he put the fear of God into his opponents. But I was never in that category myself and could never answer that question of what it was like to play against the Wee Man!


The Scottish League team chosen to play against the League of Ireland at Parkhead ten days hence was announced that day. It was ;-

McCloy (Motherwell), Gemmell (Celtic), McCallum (Motherwell), Murdoch ( Celtic), McKinnon (Rangers), Clark (Celtic), McLean ( Kilmarnock), McBride, Chalmers, Lennox (all Celtic), Cormack (Hibs).

The journalists were rather surprised by the composition of the team, pointing out that there was only one player from Rangers and that Tommy McLean had been preferred to both Jimmy Johnstone and Willie Henderson.


I had obviously trained in the morning then went to see patients at the Dental Hospital in the afternoon. When I got home, though, Mum was in a bit of a panic. The Parish Priest had come round, hoping to find me home and when he found out that I was still at the hospital, he explained to Mum that he would like me to do something for him in a couple of months..

Mum was not good when confronted by authority; I knew that already. But she was really uptight that the Canon had asked me to do something for the church and kept asking me would I be able to do it and could I find the date into my diary? So far, she had not told me what this special thing was and when I eventually got the news out of her, I burst out laughing.

The Canon wanted me to judge the fancy-dress competition at the Womens’ Guild Halloween Party. Aye, Mum….I think I should be able to do that!


Seven members of a Shettleston family – including two grandchildren – were burned to death today in Glasgow’s worst-ever house blaze.

Four other members of the family, trapped in the inferno at 12 Cobinshaw Street were rushed to the Royal Infirmary after leaping through shattered windows.

A senior Glasgow fireman wept as the bodies were carried out, saying “this is the worst family disaster I have seen in all my years in the service. It is heart-breaking!”


Less Smoke

With another major extension of a smoke-free zone planned for Glasgow, the Medical Officer of Health reported that the city is already a cleaner and more healthy place.

The Corporation’s Health and Welfare committee has agreed to bring Knightswood, Drumchapel and Blairdardie into the zone, adding another 150,000 houses.



Irene Tsu Bursts onto the silver screen

Irene Tsu Bursts onto the silver screen

A new star and a new sex symbol has appeared on the Hollywood horizon. Her name is Irene Tsu and she plays the 2nd female lead in the Fox production of ‘Caprice’, with Doris Day and Richard Harris.

The delectable Miss Tsu comes from Shanghai, which she hastily left at the Communist take-over in 1948, when she went to Taipei, on Formosa, with her parents.

Irene Tsu is warm and feminine, blessed with the looks of an exquisite Oriental porcelain doll. And a very sexy doll at that.