23rd August 1966: Rangers v Celtic Glasgow Cup 1st Round – Part Two


For those not listed among the 12 names for the Glasgow Cup tie, it was a case of training as usual on the Tuesday morning at Barrowfield. There was definitely a tension in the air among the coaching staff and it began to rub off on us too. We were all aware that, no matter how well Celtic did in the major competitions, a lot of fans put a victory over Rangers well up on the agenda. So, even though it was, in the eyes of many supporters, merely a Glasgow Cup tie, there were a number of others who just wanted a victory over the old enemy at any time.

It was quite a busy day for me in particular. After training, I headed for the Dental Hospital, spent the afternoon seeing patients, then drove out to Celtic Park, parked my car  and went in to join the rest of the lads. I might have been out of the team but the Boss was very clever at a time like that, making sure that the guys on the periphery, like me at that time, were kept in the fold. So, I joined the lads inside the stadium and eventually, we all boarded the bus for the trip over to Ibrox.

Journeys across the city at a time like that were quite special. We always had at least two police motor-cycle out-riders clearing a path for the bus and as made our way from Parkhead to Ibrox, the streets were lined with fans, half of them cheering us and the other half doing the opposite.

Once at Ibrox, we filed off the bus and into the ground, the players chosen for the game heading out to the pitch to check conditions while the rest of us literally mooched about, talking to this one and that one, feeling out of things. Towards the kick-off, we wished the players all the best in the dressing room and headed for the stand.


The Teams

Celtic: Simpson, Gemmell, O’Neill, Murdoch, McNeill, Clark, Johnstone, Gallagher, McBride, Auld, Lennox

Rangers: Ritchie, Johansen, Provan, Greig, McKinnon, D Smith, Henderson, A Smith, Forrest, Miller, Johnston.


The Play

The ground was packed – later recorded at 76,456 – and right from the start, Rangers looked very promising, bringing out two very good stops from Ronnie Simpson, one from Willie Johnston and the other from Jim Forrest.

In 8 minutes, though, Celtic rather snatched the lead when Billy McNeill blasted home a free-kick taken by Charlie Gallagher. And Bobby Lennox made it two in 31 minutes when he hammered a shot over Billy Ritchie

As you might imagine, the half-time period was a wonderful one for the Celtic fans while the Rangers support were muttering under their breath about the quality of their side.

At the start of the second half, though, the home support got a boost when they made two good chances, once when Billy McNeill cleared off the line and the other a miss by Willie Johnston from close-in. They proved to be costly misses.

Bobby Lennox - Hat-trick hero  © Daily Record

Bobby Lennox – Hat-trick hero
© Daily Record

Nine minutes from the end, when John Greig mis-timed a bouncing ball, Bobby Lennox was there again for a second; and he got his hat-trick seven minutes from time from a Bertie Auld cross.

By this time the Rangers end was emptying and by the final whistle only the diehards were still there. They were disappointed, of course, but realistically, the must have realised that Celtic were quicker in every way.


Rangers  0   Celtic  4


And even though I was in a difficult position, I had to hold up my hand and say that the two fullbacks were excellent.

Sad News

Oscar Hammerstein, the prize-winning lyricist of dozens of hit shows, has died in Pennsylvania.

With Richard Rogers writing the music, he wrote the book and lyrics for a string of enormous hits, like Oklahoma (1943), Carousel ( 1945), South Pacific (1945) and The King and I (1951).

Bad Behaviour

A Glasgow man who threw a bottle on to the stage while TV star Bruce Forsyth was appearing at the Alhambra Theatre in Glasgow was fined £50 at Glasgow Central Police Court.

In court, the man, who is married with two children, apologized for his behaviour but said he was aware of what he was doing at the time. He took the bottle into the Alhambra because he knew the pubs would be closed when he got out.


Willie Wallace will not be allowed to leave Hearts. The player has been told this quite categorically.
Even if Wallace puts in another letter asking away he will not get any satisfaction.