Crowd Funding

I don’t expect to make a huge profit from our project, but putting it together is costly, despite the huge amount of help I have had from others in putting it together.

I think that the content is important – and significant enough to make the story worth telling. Consequently  I desperately hope we will be able to take the story up to May 1967 at least.

From my perspective – and from that of others who have donated time and money to assist with this project – it has  certainly been worth the time and effort.

The hosting costs – particularly for the Podcast service (which is widely listened to and takes up a lot of bandwidth) are costly – and doesn’t take account of the time that several people have put in to make this possible.

To help me ensure that it is complete, please support our work by considering a small donation which will go towards hosting, web design, and research.

Please support my crowd-funded column on The featured work on Byline is a part of what is on offer on Byline is merely the highlighted part  of what I am trying to do.

There are rewards for varying degrees of support. From signed pics of yours truly to access to my personal email. I hope you will support us

Jim Craig