Pre-Lisbon Years

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V is for Victory (Cup) 1910-19

As the very successful decade of the 1900s drew to a close and a number of senior players left the club for one reason or another, Celtic fans were a little apprehensive about what the future would hold. In the event, they were worrying for little reason, as Celtic continued to be the dominant side in the country, with this impressive record; don’t forget that, because of the First World War, the Scottish Cup was suspended from season 1914-15 to season 1918-19.


Decade       League   Scottish Cup   Glasgow Cup   Charity Cup


1910s                 5             3                         3                         8

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A New Century

The 1890s, the opening decade of Celtic’s existence had been most promising. The next one was equally impressive;-


Decade           League   Scottish Cup   Glasgow Cup   Charity Cup

1900s                   6                 3                        5                     3


Those league wins were consecutive, a record for Scottish football and one which lasted until the 1960s, when another Celtic side went one better. Read More →


Introduction & The 1890s

Welcome to a project that will cover the next two years, a look back – fifty years on – to two consecutive seasons in Celtic’s history – 1965/66 and 1966/67 – which culminated in the club winning the biggest prize in European football.

The early 1960s was not a propitious time for Celtic Football Club, a four-year period during which not one of the three major domestic trophies came into the Boardroom at Celtic Park.

Such a drought might have been difficult for the players and management but it was also disappointing for the support, so used to success from the early days of the club. To review how well the club performed from its beginnings in the late 1880s, let’s take a trip through the Celtic record of success down the years. Obviously the Scottish League and Scottish Cup were the most important competitions at the time but I have also included in the list the Glasgow and Charity Cups, important trophies in those pre-European football days. Read More →